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Hoarders to be aired on Thursday 20th AUGUST 2020





November 2019


Come back soon

Details to be announced


Production of Hoarders

For Channel 5


September - December 2019



Series 2 - Episode 1

7:30pm - 8pm ITV


Tuesday 5 February 2019








October  2017


Biologikill reveals the new Response Vehicle.



Call the cleaners goes live and is a huge success, the production team proposes a second series.



Episode 1 of series 1 announced for 19th Sept 2017

Geo Mensah will be involved in a brand new ITV prime time television program scheduled for late July 2017




November 2017

Mid-June 2017 will see the start of clearing one of the most cluttered domestic houses in England.




June 2017






True disappointment as the show is postponed until 20th September 2017.

Curve Media


Curve Media release the first pictures of the new production Call the Cleaners.



July 2017





ITV announce a date and start an advertising campaign.


July 2017



Date and time are set for programming.


Monday 24th  July 2017   20:00hrs

Curve Media start production with Merseyside House Clearance and others on Call the Cleaners.





March 2017

Curve Media gets the green light to follow professional extreme cleaners help people take back control of their homes.


December 2016

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