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Hoarders: Channel 5

Behind every hoarder is a fascinating and deeply personal mystery to uncover. The TV series takes a look at the condition that effects over  2-5% of the UK population.

Call The Cleaners ITV

Call The Cleaners, a jaw dropping but heartwarming TV series that took you inside the nation's grimiest homes with Ultima Cleaning's nationwide team of specialist extreme cleaners.


ITV go live with advertising.



Many of the most dangerous things to human and animal life come from sources that we cannot see without the help of sophisticated microscopes. Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms have been a major problem in the world probably from the time multicellular life first originated.


"We are at war"




Call the cleaners  hits the TV screen


19th September 2017


"I work five and a half days a week and look forward to each day. A lot of people will look  down their nose at cleaners, but my lads and I are not cleaners we are technicians, true professionals"


"While the term ‘filming on location’ may sound exciting and attractive, it's hard work, our business is intense in its self, the events are real with real people and real situations".







Geo and Kosta Papanicolas taking time out to enjoy a coffee.


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