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Geo Mensah, born George Mensah in Liverpool England 1964 is an entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Merseyside House Clearance and BiologiKill Ltd based in the north-west of England. He is of Ghanaian descent.


He is best known for his appearance in the TV shows "Call the Cleaners" on ITV and "Hoarders" on Channel 5

Geo is married to Greek-born Antonia Sotiropoulos, wife Antonia is a professional internationally published makeup artist,  personal trainer and life coach,  they have an 19-year-old daughter called Athena.


The greatest joy for a man is to have a family, to protect them, to provide them with all they need, not want, to watch them grow, to make them happy and kiss them goodnight, every night.

Favourite Holiday Destinations: South of France / Greek Islands / Turkey


Favourite Food: Indian and Greek


Favourite Film: The Godfather


Hobbies: Work


Music: R&B


Favourite Brand: Rolex and Louis Vuitton




On the job


"Dear Dad, even though you don't wear ties no more and you pick up poo, you are the best dad in the world"


From Athena


Socialising is on his "to do list", with long days and short nights it's hard to grab a bit of self-time.


"I don't venture out much but when I do, I like to party"


"Mine's a Jack Danial’s Honey with ice"


"Stay positive, nothing can interrupt your peace of mind unless you permit it to"



"Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"  -  Albert Einstein 

"You can't stop yourself from getting older, but you can stop yourself from getting old"

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